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We know you are good at your job, but makes it even simpler and quick for you to efile 1099 forms for your clients. At, you can enjoy the benefit of various deals and our expert service without any hidden costs or contracts involved. We also understand how difficult it gets to manage so many clients and to efile their informational returns, but no worries. At you can do that very efficiently because with us you just need a single log in account to handle multiple payer accounts, hence saving on time and efforts.

Prominent services exclusively for tax professionals

Bulk Import – This service is designed for those who have a large number of 1099 forms to be filed. All you have to do is upload a simple excel sheet with your multiple recipients information into your account and that’s it. You don’t have to individually keep entering your recipient data and no special knowledge or training is required to upload an excel sheet. It is simple, time saving and prevents duplicate data entry.

Multiple tax IDs under single account – At, tax professionals can manage multiple numbers of payers through a single log in account. You don’t have to register again and again for different payers. Create a single account and add as many payers as you want. Simple, isn’t it?

Bulk discount – Tax professionals, you can now benefit from our bulk discount rates which can help cut down your filing costs by 80% when compared to traditional paper filing. Contact us at 800-578-2290 to know more about the prices.

Unlimited free refile of rejected returns - Although 98% of returns filed with us are accepted by the IRS, there is still a chance your return can be rejected due to for example, a missing or incorrect TIN. But do not panic! At, you can correct your rejected return and re-file it at NO additional cost.