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What is 1099 NEC form?

Form 1099-NEC, is used to report certain types of payments made in the course of a trade or business. If you hired any services of an independent contractor or freelancer, you may need to file and submit the 1099 NEC form to both the Internal Revenue Service and the person or business that you paid. 1099 NEC form has to be reported if at least $600 has been paid to the recipient.

Who must file 1099 NEC form?

1099 NEC form has to be filed by businesses/individuals who have hired the services of independent contractors or professional freelancers such as physicians, artists, writers, advocates, rent payments etc. 1099 NEC form is issued to the person only when he is working independently and not as any corporation and he has been paid $600 and above for his services.

How to efile 1099 NEC form:

It takes 3 simple steps to efile your 1099 NEC form with

  • Sign up on our website for free
  • Fill in the payer, payee information. Fill in the 1099 NEC form which is in the electronic format
  • Submit the completed 1099 NEC form to the IRS and that’s it.

You will receive your status confirmation within 24 hours depending on the IRS workload and you can even check your status on For more information on your 1099 NEC filing instructions visit: